Learning German with apps and online resources

Those who do not attend a course or want to learn additionally can learn German with apps and online courses.

Of course, digital learning cannot replace interaction in a course. But there is an advantage: learning at your own pace, independent of course timetables and locations.

Here we present some offers that are suitable for different learners and needs. The selection is limited to free apps and online content from approved providers.

Lern Deutsch is a learning game for children. The players explore the “City of Words” and learn German in the process. The colourful graphics and exciting tasks make the game fun.

An app for people newly arriving in Germany. Ankommen offers German exercises and provides orientation and information in different languages about life in Germany.

Einstieg Deutsch is an app for German beginners with over 500 exercises on various topics. The learners can work on 15 topics such as health, work and everyday life.

DW Deutsch Lernen – DW Learn German is an app by Deutsche Welle. The app offers courses for beginners, A1 and B1. The learners accompany Nico, who is new to Germany, through his everyday life.

The Adult Education Centre (vhs) has launched four apps for German courses. Beginners and advanced learners from ABC to B1 can use them. Registration required.

The app B2 Deutschkurs Beruf is for advanced learners and is suitable for self-learning. It offers an entire B2 German course with the topic “Language at work” in 20 lessons.

Mein Vokabular is an app that allows you to create a photographic vocabulary database. You can load your own photos into the app and then enter and speak the German terms.

With A2-B1-Deutschkurs Beruf the Adult Education Centre (vhs) offers a complete job-related language course for advanced beginners. This course is available online and as an app.

Our online tip for everyone who wants to know what’s going on in Germany. Every day from Monday to Saturday you can find the latest news from politics, business and society.

The magazine Deutsch perfekt offers exciting texts for advanced learners every month. On the website you can find several free articles and exercises from the magazine.